Prairie State Railroad Club
2018 Calendar of Events
Revised As of April 10, 2018

Membership Meetings

Membership (business) meetings are held at 2:30 P.M., on the dates listed below. Most of these are Sunday’s, but one is a Saturday date as well. Although subject to change, meetings are normally held at the Big Rock Town Hall, 408 Rhodes Street, Big Rock, Illinois. If the Town Hall is unavailable the meeting will be held at our carbarn/engine house at Plowman’s Park/Kenny Field located about one mile west of Big Rock on Hinckley Road (Second Street) just south of the BNSF track. Note that these meeting dates are subject to change or cancellation due to weather or for other reasons.

2018 Business Meetings
February 25, 2018 – Board of Directors Meeting
March 18, 2018 – Weather Permitting
April 22, 2018
May 27, 2018
June 24, 2018
July 22, 2018
August 26, 2018
September 2018 – No Membership Meeting
October 28, 2018
November 18, 2018 – Week earlier due to Thanksgiving weekend.
December 15, 2018 – Saturday – Christmas Party – Set-up starts at Noon.

Public Events

August 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th: Sycamore Threshing Bee, located at The Taylor
Marshall Farm, 27707 Lukens Rd, Sycamore, Illinois 60178. OPEN DAILY 7 AM TO 6
PM., Thursday through Sunday with FREE PARKING. The Northern Illinois Steam Power Club Show, always begins the Second Thursday in August, every year, and runs through Sunday. Setup up is on the Wednesday before the show starts. For more information go to
September 15th and 16th: Big Rock Plowing Match, Kenny Field/Plowman’s Park, Big Rock, IL. Public are invited and we will operate trains on Saturday and Sunday. Visiting engines welcome at this event only if they can be used in public operation (see special notice below). Current boiler certification required for steam locomotive. Due to limited track space for display purposed, visiting live steamers should contact the club prior to bringing our any equipment. Use of the track is reserved for approved engines and trains that are being used to handle the public only. Please note this event always takes place every year, on the 3rd weekend in September.

Member Run Days

Member Run Days are days the railroad is open for all members to operate their equipment. All members, their families, and those interested in live steam or joining the club are welcome to attend, however the operation of trains is not guaranteed depending on member turnout. Do not plan a trip to visit Prairie State on these days without contact first. All run days are weather permitting and most members begin to arrive around 10am. Bring a sack lunch and enjoy the park!

2018 Member Run Days
May 26, 2018
June 23, 2018
July 21, 2018
September 8, 2018
September 29, 2018

Special Notices

BE PAID-UP MEMBERS DUE TO INSURANCE REGULATIONS. ALL VISITING STEAM LOCOMOTIVES MUST HAVE AN UP TO DATE BOILER TEST CERTIFICATE TO OPERATE. Prairie State Railroad Club accepts boiler test certificates from recognized clubs and state inspectors. If required, the club can perform a hydro test for you. At the Club’s option, souvenir tickets may be issued to the public when train rides are provided. However, there is no charge or required donation for the public to ride trains at any time, or to obtain the souvenir tickets. If you would like to donate, please do! Your donations help to keep the trains running! Contact any club officer to learn how.